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Proactive for all your aerospace needs.

We are committed to providing optimal solutions for all your manufacturing cycle stages, attending to all your creative demands.

Pushing accuracy and quality parts to the next level with 100% accuracy down to every detail. Our precision aerospace parts are the best in the business. We always strive to produce parts that are accurate and of the highest quality, no matter what the situation. Thanks to our meticulous manufacturing processes, we assure that every part produced meet your specific requirements. Contact us to learn more about our capabilities and how we can make your manufacturing process a successful.

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Shaping tomorrow’s future with today’s technology.

We bridge your supply gap by scaling and speeding up your overall production capacity for tomorrow’s needs by increasing the pace of your overall production capacity. With our technology and expertise, we are able to scale up your existing production lines or build a new one from the ground up so that your company can stay ahead of the curve by being more efficient in today’s competitive market.

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Our journey began in 1994, when we were known for our creative engineering minds. We are a committed team of experts who specialize in billets machining, tooling development, and providing complete manufacturing solutions.

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Get your orders in fast and we'll machining them even faster!


Dedicated to accuracy and precision for your assurance.


Over 30 years of industrial experience to satisfy your demand.

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Our services are specifically developed in order to help achieve speed and efficiency at a competitive price point.



Precision machining is a key process in the aerospace industry, where high-performance and safety-critical components are required to operate in extremely demanding conditions. These components must be manufactured to exacting specifications and with tight tolerances in order to ensure reliability and safety.



Experience a seamless and comprehensive aerospace component treatment solution through our trusted partner. With a keen focus on quality and strict adherence to aerospace standards, our partner's expert management of the treatment process from surface enhancement to laboratory testing ensures reliable compliance and optimal results. Trust in our professional solution to meet your aerospace component needs with precision and excellence.



At SMASTIP, we are committed to offering comprehensive solutions for the aerospace industry. As part of our dedication to becoming a one-stop solution for our customer, we are preparing to offer sub-assembly services. Our specialist aerospace assembly process follows to the strictest aerospace and customers quality guidelines and specifications, and the addition of our subassembly plant will provide our customers with a worry-free experience. Stay tuned for updates on our progress towards achieving our new assembly services.



The most convenient way to grow your business is to get the whole package. Let us handle the whole machining process for you from beginning to end.

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