About Smastip

Who We Are

In 1994, we started as an innovative hot-runner solutions provider, driven by a passion for excellence and customer satisfaction.

Today, with strong partnerships and advanced technologies from the US and Germany, we have evolved into an Aerospace Manufacturer. Our commitment to meeting the highest standards is demonstrated by our AS9100-D certification.

We remain dedicated to being a driving force in Malaysia's aerospace industry.

SMASTIP is also the pioneer of a paperless management system in Malaysia so that our customers can have a seamless manufacturing process where they can track every detail for every part that they've ordered.

Our Vision

To cultivate proactive and quality talents to meet Malaysia's and global's demands, needs, and standards.

Our Mission

To be the benchmark of the aerospace manufacturing industry with the core principles of being fast, precise, and reliable.

"To ensure the long-term success of the aerospace manufacturing industry, it's essential to prioritize the focus on fast, precise, & reliable. Integrating these values into a proactive tradition that can be passed down to future generations. "

Teo Cheng Chuah

Managing Director and Founder

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